Tiger Spotlight
March 2017
Health and Wellness

9th Mia Jones

Away from school Mia likes to work out and eat.
Mia’s favorite subject is math because it does and will help her a lot.            
What she likes most about being a Central Tiger is how big it is and the opportunities available here.
Future goal(s) are to go to college and become a pediatrician.


9th Grade-Aysia Russell

Away from school Aysia likes to hang out with her friends.
Aysia’s favorite subject is Math because it is challenging.
What Aysia likes most about being a Central Tigeris being surrounded by so many different people and being on student council.
Future goal(s) are to graduate with honors and go to college to become a doctor.



10th-Grade-Jyah Smith


Away from school Jyah likes to take pictures and draw.
Jyah’s  favorite subject  is art because she says they do interesting projects.           
What she likes most about being a Central Tiger is how teachers interact with their students in class and she likes doing projects and the interesting conversations.
Future Goal(s) are still being planned. 

10th Grade-Olivia "Greer" Johnson


Away from school  Olivia likes to swim and be around her family and friends.
Olivia’s your favorite subject is Math because she says it is like solving a puzzle.
What Olivia likes most about being a Central Tiger is being part of the swim team because the high school meets are a lot of fun, and she likes how big and exciting the school is.
Future goal(s) are to compete for a college swim team, but she is not sure what she wants to do after college yet.


Her teacher Ms. Shannon writes:
I nominate Olivia “Greer” Johnson for spotlight on health and wellness. Greer is on the dolphins swim team so she has morning practice daily before school. She eats healthy all the time and encourages others to do the same. All the while, Greer maintains an excellent GPA and participation in her academic life.


11th Grade-Logan Jennings

Away from school Logan enjoys playing with his dogs, working out, reading, and playing video games.
What is your favorite subject/ why? Logan enjoys English because of the discussions in class.  
What Logan likes most about being at Central is being with his friends and the wide variety of classes.
Future goal(s):  Logan plans to attending college and seeing where life takes him from there.

Ms. Cameron writes:
Logan is definitely one of the healthiest people that I know. He brings his own water bottle to the library every day. He tries to stay hydrated because he’s on the Swim Team and is very fit.



11th Grade-Trinity Toatley

Away from school Trinity likes writing poetry and listening to music.
Trinity’s favorite subject is math because she says it just is her favorite subject.    
What she likes most about being a Central Tiger is learning new stuff.
Future goal(s) are to attend college and study music.

Trinity’s teacher Ms. Parker:
Trinity takes care of herself by making sure she is organized for class to help her reduce the stress of academic demands. In addition, she removes herself from all unnecessary social drama. She is delightful and a joy to be around.


12th Grade-Jasmine Banks

Away from school Rebekah likes to sing, play the piano, and take picture.
Rebekah’s favorite subject is English because she says she loves analyzing literature and seeing the process of writing and how it works.
What she likes most about being a Central tiger is getting to meet so many people every day and to see all these different culture and backgrounds coming together.
Her future goal is to be a writer/photographer for a newspaper or magazine.



12th Grade-Stephanie Barton

Away from school Stephanie has a part-time job at Walgreens and tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle through a healthy diet and working out.
Stephanie’s favorite subject is Psychology because she likes to learn about how people think and also about how the body and mind work.
What Stephanie likes most about being a Central Tiger is the diversity of our school and that she has the opportunity to meet so many different people of different backgrounds.  Also, she likes the fact that they have different ideas and think differently.
Stephanie’s Future goal(s) are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and going on to college to study psychology and counseling to help others.

Stephanie’s counselor says:
It is an honor to nominate Stephanie for health/wellness.  Stephanie works at Walgreens an excellent venue to continue her path to a healthy lifestyle.  Whenever I leave Walgreens Stephanie always has some healthy words upon my exit.  Stephanie says she works out and reads a lot to gain the mental strength to make her own way and her own decisions.