Tiger Spotlight
April 2017

9th Aliyah Lee

Away from school Aaliyah likes to read, listen to music, and inspire younger students.
Aaliyah’s favorite subjects are all of her classes because all of her teachers encourage her to be confident, and believe in herself.                     
What Aaliyah likes most about being a Central Tiger are the opportunities that Central offers. 
Aaliyah Future goal(s) are to attend Grambling State University, get her Master’s in early childhood education and inspire her future students to be the best they can be!

Aaliyah’s teacher Ms. McAdoo writes:
Aaliyah Lee is a very responsible and hard working freshman who is full of perseverance. She has had quite a few major (life altering) obstacles thrown her way. What I love about her is that she didn’t view the obstacles as the be all, end all of everything. Instead she treated them like commas -- whereby she took a quick pause…re-evaluated the situation and came up with a game plan to defeat them. And the icing on the cake is that she does so with a beautiful smile on her face and very calming presence and those around her are typically unaware of the crisis, obstacle or challenges she slays.



9th Grade-Dina Patel

Away from school Dina likes to play sports, especially tennis, and loves to interact with her peers.
Dina enjoys of her all subjects no matter the challenge and she says she is a well-rounded student.
What  Dina  likes most about being a Central Tiger is that she is in a school with such diversity and a wide range of personalities to interact with.
Future goal(s) Dina wants to go to college then she plans to go on to nursing school to be a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) (while keeping a tennis career in mind.

Dina’ s Counselor writes:
Dina’ ability to persevere even during challenging times continues to be amazing.   She has set ambitious goals for her high school career because she knows that hard work and dedication will pay big dividends.  



10th-Grade-Reilly O’Neill 


Away from school Reilly likes to do Martial Arts and play video games.
Reilly’s favorite subject is Band because he likes the band community and practicing his instrument.             
What Reilly likes most about being a Central Tiger is the band community and the diversity here at Central.
Reillly’s future goal(s) are to pursue something in music or get into marketing.

Reilly’s teacher Ms. Tippin writes:
When I think of perseverance, Reilly Oneill comes to mind immediately.  Reilly always strives to achieve in every task assigned.  He never gives up just because something is difficult or challenging---determined to not let failure defeat him.  MOS Certification in CBA is a challenge, but when Reilly doesn’t succeed the first time, instead of giving up and saying I can’t, he always says “I’ll just study harder and I’ll make it next time”.  And sure enough, he always succeeds the next time!  Reilly demonstrates responsibility for his learning by first making a choice to succeed and then by taking action—studying to ensure his academic success.


10th Grade-Johneishia Cunningham

Away from school Johneishia says she goes home to her little girl and plays with her until she falls asleep or she goes with her family.  She watches her favorite show pretty much other than that she does homework.
Johneishia’s favorite subject is Geometry she just likes it. 
What  Johneishia  likes most about being a Central Tiger is being around the most experienced kids and teachers and how everybody is there to help her.
Johneishia’s future goals are becoming a physical therapist and being able to give her little girl the world. 

Johneishia’s teacher writes:
Despite the adversity Johneishia is facing on a daily basis, she perseveres and is maintaining excellent grades. She frequently shows up to school after having very little sleep and worried about her child, but her homework is done and she commits to concentrating on her studies.



11th Grade-John Ricard

John Ricard (WM #8, Black T-Shirt PUGS written on T, crutches)

Away from school John likes to lift weights and wrestle.
John’s favorite subject is Calculus because everything builds on the previous topic and it makes sense more than other math classes.              
What  John likes most about being a Central Tiger is how big the school is and he can see new people every day and can talk to people he hasn’t talked to before.
Future goal(s) John wants to get a full ride to whichever college he chooses.  He wants to be a consulting actuary.

John’s teacher Mr. West writes:
John Ricard never drops the ball, even when he has to miss school for a knee surgery.  He perseveres through injuries without falling behind.  He maintains a positive attitude and excellent grades.

11th Grade-Gabrielle Wilber

Away from school : Gabrielle likes to compose music and practice piano.
Gabrielle’s favorite subject is AVID because she says, “It prepares us for college (and life after college) and provides us with many scholarship opportunities.”
What Gabrielle likes most about being a Central Tiger is the diversity of the school.
Future goal(s) are to attend University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and major in Computer Science.

Gabrielle’s teacher writes:
Gabrielle gets the job done right.  She is always prepared for class.  She uses her time wisely and sets high goals for herself.  She is a role model for other students and her history teacher can count on her to show others how to earn the A. 



12th Grade-Layla Alhajjaj

Away from school Layla likes to go on drives and spend time with pets.
Layla’s favorite subject is AP European History
What Layla likes most about being a Central Tiger is the class options.
Future goal(s) are to get degrees in history and chemistry.  Layla also plans to  study law.

Ms. Alhajjaj writes about Layla:
I am submitting Layla's name because she has gone through a lot of difficulties in the last two years but has not let them control her. Her brother is ill and she has been a great help to the family. She has helped her younger siblings learn from the situation rather than allowing it to control them. She is my daughter but I am proud of her as a person besides being my daughter.

12th Grade-Christa Griffith

Away from school Christa likes cooking, and spending time with her three brothers.
Christa’s favorite subject is Band.
What Christa likes most about being a Central Tiger is that the teachers are incredibly dedicated to their students. They go above and beyond which is something she says she is grateful for.
Christa’s future goal(s) are to become a speech therapist and work with disadvantaged youth in order give them the support that they might not have access to.

Christa’s counselor Ms. Moore writes:
Christa has been a faithful member of the LRSD band for 4 years. She is studious and very determined. She wanted to improve her ACT score and didn't stop until she received a 30.



12th-Tania Royster

Away from school Tania enjoys writing very much and reading as well. She says she enjoys meeting new people and helping others whenever she can.
Favorite subject is English.
What Tania likes most about being a Central Tiger are all the opportunities Central has to offer and the helpful and friendly teachers.
Tania’s future goal(s) are to attend an HBCU to major in broadcast communications and she would love to become a traveling journalist to see the world and experience different cultures.

Ms. Jones-Taylor Tania’s teacher writes:
Tania works 20+ hours a week, but still maintains an A average. I can always count on Tania to be prepared for whatever I ask her to do.


12th-Clayton Graham

Away from school Clayton likes to play video games as well as play his bass clarinet.
Clayton’s favorite subject is history because it is important that we learn from our mistakes and do not repeat them.
What Clayton likes most about being a Central Tiger is meeting all the different kinds of people that go to Central as well as all the opportunities it gives you.
Future goal(s)
Clayton is going to ship out to San Diego after graduation to go through boot camp to be a United States Marine.

Clayton’s teacher Ms. McCullough  writes:
I had Clayton as a 9th grader and now have him in class as a Senior and a monitor in another Senior class. Clayton has always worked extremely hard. He is someone I can trust because he is extremely responsible. He has not always been the top student but he works hard and perseveres and makes better grades than some with superior ability who do not work as hard. Though Clayton is well-liked, he does not give in to peer pressure in any circumstances. He is always himself even when his decisions might not go along with everyone else. He perseveres and by being true to himself always. I believe he is very worthy of this distinction. Thank you.


12th-Parris Sanders

Parris Sanders (BM #10, Dreads wearing all black) Away from school Parris likes to skateboard and write and sometimes he writes poetry.
Parris’ favorite subject is           English because he likes to read and write.  
What Parris likes most about being a Central Tiger is that the staff at Central cares about him and if anything is wrong they are always there.  He likes no matter how hard things get there is always someone there to help you no matter what situation you are in.  Parris likes the love he gets from the staff here at Central.  Parris’ message to his peers,  “Keep trying no matter how hard the situation is and never let the negative bring you down and focus on the positive and keep those who love you most close.”
Parris’ future goal(s) are to go in the Air force and attend college to become a nutritionist or anesthesiologist.